Hello there! It’s party time. Vegas nightlife awaits you. Have you attended a nightclub before? Or maybe you’re planning to attend one soon? Well, don’t worry. When you work with LasVegasPromoter.com, we make life easy and more enjoyable! You’ll meet a lot of strangers, make new friends. But there are a number of annoying nightclub behaviors that have to stop. Like really stop. You and anyone else deserve to enjoy every moment, the best way possible. It starts with YOU! 


  • Standing on the Stairs

You’re going up the stairs, and you bump into that high school ally you’ve not met in years coming down. It’s a great reunion, yes. But standing to talk to them on the stairs is just rude and annoying. You’ll create a gridlock and people won’t traverse from one level to the other conveniently. Look for an out-of-the-way spot and reminisce all your great moments there. Let the stairs be for travel only. Oh, avoid standing in the hallways, bathroom doors, or entrances as well, regardless of whether these places are crowded or not. Thank you!      


  • Dancing on a Table

We all love dancing in a club. It’s cool. But there are limits to everything. You don’t want to be the attention-seeking idiot in a club and embarrass yourself and your crew, do you? There’s a high chance you’ll fall over, hit a chair or the hard floor and sustain a couple of injuries, or spill someone’s drink and cause a fight. You and your group can also be kicked out of the club. And the party will be over. There’s a reason why a dance floor exists in every club. Please make use of it.  


  • Ignoring the Bathroom Attendants 

One of the worst jobs one can have in a club is that of a server or bathroom attendant. Their life is filled with episodes of cleaning up spills, watching you and other people get drunk and misuse the bathrooms. Why not leave them some cash on your way out? That’s actually the least you can do. 


  • Taking Pictures

This does not mean not taking any pictures at all. It’s okay to take a snap or two to document the awesome moment. But don’t be that type that can’t stay for five minutes without disturbing people with bright stabbing light. Considering most, if not all, nightclubs are dark. It’s very disturbing, really, just to say the least. Don’t worry about posting everything on your Facebook or Instagram account for your friends and ‘enemies’ to see that you’re having a great time. If possible, leave the camera in the car or at home, go to the club and create new memories with your crew. It will be fun!


  • Sunglasses in the Club

Sunglasses are awesome. In fact, they’re cool and sexy. But this is a nightclub, and I’m sure there’ll be no sunlight or those bright lights we see on stadiums and courts. Don’t expect to stand out by wearing some nice sunglasses in a nightclub. Well, not tonight. In a dayclub, maybe. Quick advise, don’t even carry these glasses with you if you know you’re going to party in a nightclub. It’s just that simple.