It’s almost that time of the year again where you wake up with a massive hangover and vow you’ll never touch alcohol only to end up in the same predicament 24 hours later. But it’s allowed. After a year of working yourself off and being uptight on weekends, it’s only fair to let loose. And there is no better place to do it than at a Las Vegas strip club. Fret not if it’s your first time hitting a strip club because below is the ultimate Las Vegas Strip Club prep list to ensure your night is as smooth-sailing and as memorable as possible.

Dress Up Nicely

Any epic night out, leave alone at a strip club in Vegas starts with dressing up nicely. This being Las Vegas, the dress code can be pretty strict. For instance, flip flops, shorts, or tank tops for men are out of the question. Also, keep in mind this is a strip club, not a regular night club. So if you want to get a lap dance, leave your embellished belt, wallet chain, or anything that might hurt the stripper’s soft skin at your hotel. This applies to the ladies too. In a nutshell, keep it simple but fashionably appealing. Check out our dress code guide so you can get it right.

Get Your Money Right and Carry Cash

Name one city with better strip clubs than Vegas, and we’ll show you an honest politician. In other words, there is no city with better Gentleman strip clubs than Sin City. So we’ll be lying if we tell you your first night at a Las Vegas strip club will be cheap. All the entertainers, waitresses, DJs, hosts as well as security you come across work in harmony to ensure you have the best night of your life. So be prepared to pay for it.

Note, things can go from zero to a hundred pretty quick when you’re partying in one of Sin City’s hottest gentleman clubs. So you may end up overspending. Therefore, while it’s okay to bring your credit card, only do so if you’re open to the idea of spending every cent on it. Otherwise, carry a good mix of singles and twenties. Plus, the ladies will want to be tipped, and you can’t do that if you have no cash on you.

Be Ready to Tip

Strippers spend 90% of their time mastering the art of pole tricks. They hit the gym regularly and glam up so they can ensure your time at the gentleman’s club you hit is fun and memorable. Plus, most of them make most of their money on tips. So show a little appreciation by tipping her. If you can’t afford to make, it rain, no worries, as you can still show your appreciation by placing a single or two in her G-string. Keep in mind; strippers show the most attention to generous tippers. So if you want that blond or brunette you and your buddies have had eyes on to show you more attention, be ready to tip.

Show Respect

Just because you tipped heavily or paid for a private lap dance doesn’t mean you have the right to grope that beautiful entertainer. Keep in mind they only agreed to that private lap dance or VIP session because this is their job. So keep your hands to yourself and don’t go making rude remarks about a particular stripper to another one. In a nutshell, show some respect, and you’ll have a night to remember.

Over to You

Getting a night at a Las Vegas strip club right is no rocket science, and with the tips above, you’re all set for an epic night out. But to make it even grander, book our VIP services so you can secure a spot on the VIP sections of the best gentleman clubs in Vegas and make a grand entry with our VIP stripclub services.