Spearmint Rhino has been voted as the best strip club in Las Vegas on a number of occasions. The Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s club features an elegant layout comprising of 20,000 square-foot and a main room highlighted by a large tipping stage in town. There are other two smaller stages in a separate area to ensure no one misses out the action as it happens. The new additions to the club done by RSA architects were done in response to international demand of matching the Spearmint Rhino design solution. The design of the club alone speaks of a strong brand familiarity that embraces bold elements and time-tested materials configured to resonate with this exclusive destination.

The topless only club continues to set precedent for strip club entertainment in Las Vegas by offering a wide range of services and packages for all occasions from bachelor parties, graduation events, to VIP events for the ultimate Las Vegas experience.

The rhino has numerous seating options available with each room equipped with comfortable chairs and couches. Both stages are surrounded by plenty of friendly coaches that allow patrons to experience the action by being at the center stage. In addition, the Rhino offers exclusive privacy through VIP seating and private booths. For exclusive privacy, there are numerous cabanas enclosed with curtains that give the guests the option to draw the curtains and keep the action private, instead of joining the party on the main stage.

Spearmint Rhino VIP Access

While Spearmint does not have a guest list, there are special offers and discounts at only $40 where you receive free limo pickups from anywhere on the Strip accompanied by free admission to the club and 2 free drinks upon arrival. Make sure to get in touch with us directly to get this deal! To get access to this offer, you will be required to include your information, date and time that you will want to visit the club. In addition, you are required to indicate your pickup location and how many people will be accompanying you to the party.

If you love traditional strip clubs, you will be glad to experience the classic style that Spearmint Rhino offers to patrons. There are cozy VIP lounges where you can spend time with dancers. When the crowd gets heated for the night, there is a b-line VIP lounge where you relax in privacy. Lap dances at Spearmint Rhino cost $ 20 per dance with the VIP option of 3 dances at $100 or VIP champagne $400 to include one bottle of champagne and an hour of exclusive dances with delicious cream and strawberries.

Reserving a table with the bottle service offers you numerous perks including a private table, bottles, mixers and dedicated waitresses. Bottle services become more and more popular in Las Vegas, it is better to consider the option for high-end clubs like Spearmint Rhino to ensure your experience all the club has to offer.

The ladies at Spearmint Rhino are the sexiest in Las Vegas with a seemingly endless multitude of the vixens. Unlike other clubs when the action gets heated up over the weekend, Spearmint Rhino has the party going every day of the week.