Daylight Dayclub Table Reservations

NIGHTS OPEN: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LOCATION: Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino

Daylight Dayclub Table Reservations

On average, you will pay $500-$600 for alcohol. Look at the Daylight Beach Club’s menu for prices. The costs will boil down to your group’s size, and you will likely need to buy a bottle per group of five people. For instance, for a group of 10, you will buy at least two bottles. The pricing for the bottles and tables are similar. You can also get food delivered direct to your table!

You have a variety of options to choose from, from cabanas to daybeds, to bungalows. The entry-level for daybeds will set you back anywhere between $250 to $1,000. This will have you enjoying publicly-placed daybeds, which do come with umbrellas for shade. The areas where the beds are placed aren’t typically roped off. Cabanas will offer your group the luxury of a more secluded area for partying, with enough space and furniture to relax. They are typically private, and their prices range between $1,000 and $2,000. While they are set up at the venue’s edge, they are elevated, making it easy to see any action and performance. You can enjoy your own private pools when using cabanas. If you are looking for the VIP experience, you can opt for either of the two bungalows that are set up beside the primary stage, and reserved for VIPs. For prices in the $3,000 range, you can get to enjoy this party pit with the venue’s largest real estate. If you want to be any closer to the live performance, you can book any of the tables that are set up on the stage, whose prices are similar to those of the cabanas. Note that the prices do not include the 20% gratuity and 8% tax.

How Daylight Bottle Service Works?

If you wish to use us for reservations and bottle service, contact us today! Once you confirm your reservation, approach the table reservation entrance, where you will be checked in. We will ensure your entry to the club is seamless and that you are treated well. Note that every reservation comes with a waitress, security staff, and busser. You will also enjoy a separate place, away from the rest of the party, where you can drink, dance, and simply enjoy the party. For any questions or concerns about Daylight bottle service, get in touch with us!

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Do You Have Any Table Service Questions?

If you happen to have any pre-reservation questions about the day clubs, the service, how it works, or any thing else, you can contact us here.

Book Your Bottle Service at Daylight Beach Club

Yearning for some bottle service? Start by reserving your table, and we will both confirm the reservation and update you on the whole process.

Day Light Profile

It is the goal of Daylight Beach Club to offer you the pool events’ best locations. The large main stage is one of a kind as it draws inspiration from Ibiza. On this stage, live performances and the best DJs are the focal point. For anyone with reservations for bottle service, accessing the VIP areas will be easy, which comes with the best service and promises fabulous views of the entire party. With the covered private cabanas, you can lounge and relax, or even go as wild as you want. There is more than enough space for enjoying a wide assortment of drinks and dancing. You can get the information about the menus, prices, and availability of bottle service using the packages above through the hosting options for Daylight VIP.

If you want the best tables and cabanas that Daylight has to offer, look no further. Delight in their daybeds, private pools, and shade by yourself, or with a large group. On either sides of the stage, you can find ultra-exclusive bungalows that come with private balconies to allow you the luxury of seeing every last detail of the event.

Reach out directly to us to get quotes for both cabanas and bottle service reservations. Don’t hesitate to inquire about Daylight’s menu, prices, and availability.

Daylight Beach Club guest list is available for free here.