Drais Beachclub Table Reservations

NIGHTS OPEN: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LOCATION: Cromwell Hotel & Casino

Drais Beach Club Table Reservations

Did bottle service go over your budget? Feel free to look at our Drais guest list.

On average, the pricing of bottles of alcohol is between $550 and $675. Look at Drais Beach Club’s menu below for prices. Note that the prices are not including a 20% gratuity and 8% tax. Tables and bottles are priced in the same way. Whatever you spend on a table will go into shots, drinks, bottles, and food. For every group of 4-5 people, you will buy a bottle.

For Drais Beachclub’s daybeds, the table service options start at $600. Both cabanas and Pool deck booths begin at $2,000. For the best VIP service, grand cabanas and bungalows are the ideal choices, and they will cost at least $3,000.

How Drais Beach Club Bottle Service Works?

We will handle your entire reservation for Drais Beachclub Table Reservations, whenever you use our website for table and bottle service reservations. Once you confirm the reservation, at the table reservation entrance upon arrival at the club. The location of your table will be contingent on a couple of factors, including your planned spend and arrival time. For every reservation, you can expect to have your own busser, waitress, security staff, table, and sitting area. You will get to have a private spot for dancing, drinking, and generally enjoying the event. For any questions or concerns about Drais Beachcluub bottle service, take a peek at How Las Vegas Bottle Service Works.

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Do You Have Questions About Drais Beachclub Table Service?

For any pre-reservation questions concerning how it all works, the services, the club, or anything else, reach us through our Contact Us Page.

Reserve Your Bottle Service at Drais Beachclub

Yearning for bottle service? Feel free to make reservations for your table, and we will both confirm the reservations and keep updating you on the rest of the process.

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Drais Beach Club offers the best locations for groups looking for cabana and bottle service reservations at pool events. Other than being one of the sexiest venues in Las Vegas, Drais takes pride in being the only rooftop pool party spot in the city. It comes with multi-tiered cabanas that have diverse areas for relaxing, partying, or going wild. You will have plenty of bars, pools, and spots to have fun and socialize. Through our bottle service reservation, you can enjoy the VIP experience as well as have an undisrupted view of every action in the event. The cabana you reserve is inaccessible to anyone who isn’t part of your group for privacy reasons. You can also delight in having a waitress, security staff, and busser at your disposal. As an added advantage, you get the fastest entry as a service group. The pricing for the table and bottles is similar, and your spending will be channeled towards bottles. You can gain access to the pricing, availability, and menus of the bottle service by connecting with our VIP hosting directly using the package above.

If you want the best tables and cabanas, be sure to book those located right across the stage and DJ booth. Aside from having a private pool, these areas come with private daybeds and some shade too. In turn, you can indulge in your favorite alcohol in style with a mouthful of fun.

Contact Drai’s Beachclub VIP hosts directly to receive cabana and bottle service reservation quotes. You could also use this period to ask about the pricing, availability, and menus for Drais Bottles Service.

Drais Beach Club guest list is available for free here.