Encore Beach Club Table Reservations

NIGHTS OPEN: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LOCATION: Encore Hotel & Casino

Encore Beach Club Table Reservations

Bottle service go over your budget? Feel free to look at the Encore Beach Club guest list.

On average, the typical bottles of alcohol will cost $600-$675, which isn’t inclusive of a 20% gratuity and 8% tax. Tables and bottles are priced in the same manner. Whatever you choose to spend on the table will be used to cater to your drinks, bottles, shots, and food. All you will need is to have a bottle for every 4-5 people at your table.

At the entry-level, tables are priced at $750 and can be found at beach couch locations. If you want the larger poolside daybed that can offer you enough real estate, and the chance to delight in the top performances by the DJ, you will pay anywhere between $1,500 and $3,500. For an even better location, you should opt for the bungalows and cabanas, which cost $2,500 and upwards. They are the best options if you want your group to enjoy elite VIP spots at the party.

How Encore Beach Club Bottle Service Works?

Any bottle service reservations you make via our site are a direct reservation for Encore Beach Club. Once you are done confirming the reservation, you will only need to check-in at the table reservation entrance and speak to the staff. The location of your table will be based on a few factors, such as your arrival time and your planned spend. Other than offering you’re a sitting area and a table, reservations offer you the luxury of having your own busser, waitress, and security staff. A private spot will be set aside from the general public for you to drink, dance, and make the most of the party. For any questions or concerns about Encore Beach Club bottle service, take a look at How Las Vegas Bottle Service Works.

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Do You Have Any Questions Concerning The Table Service?

In case you have any questions or concerns about how it all works, the services, the day club, or any other thing, you can always use our Contact Us Page to reach out to us.

Make Bottle Service Reservations At Encore Beach Club

Are you prepared for bottle service? Once you reserve your table, our team will send confirmations and keep you updated on every step of the process.

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For groups that yearn for the ideal VIP experience at one of the best day clubs in Las Vegas, the cabanas and bottle service reservations will tickle their fancy. The locations are handpicked to ensure you never miss any action at the party. Since EBC is constructed with the live performance and DJ as the focal point of the event, the array of day beds and cabanas will live up to your expectations. For any group with table and bottle service reservations, you can enjoy not only the quickest entry but also private areas that are inaccessible to the general public. As an added advantage, you will have bussers, hot waitresses, and a security staff at your disposal. Your group will have access to enough space for drinking, dancing, and enjoying Las Vegas’ party vibe. The pricing, availability, and menus of the bottle service will be provided once you use our packages above.

Encore Beach Club boasts the title of having one of the largest pool venues in Las Vegas, and the two stories of daybeds and cabanas are the highlight of the entire experience. The fact that the cabanas come coupled with a private pool makes them ideal for beating the Vegas heat. Grab a table adjacent to the DJ booth if you want to get closer to the action.

Contact us to receive a quote for the cabanas and bottle service reservations. Don’t hesitate to inquire for any further information, including the pricing, availability, and menu of EBC’s bottle service.

Encore Beach Club guest list is available for free here.