Jemaa Pool Table Reservations

NIGHTS OPEN: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LOCATION: Park MGM Hotel & Casino

Jemaa Pool Table Reservation

Bottle service go over your budget? Feel free to look at Jemaa’s guest list.

On average, you will pay $500-$600 for typical bottles of alcohol. Look at the Jemaa menu below. Your total spending will boil down to your group’s size, with every group of five requiring you to purchase at least a single bottle. For instance, a group of 10 people should have a minimum of two bottles. Pricing for bottles and tables are similar. You can also buy food.

At Jemaa, you have a options of VIP reservations to choose from, with VIP couches beginning at $600. If you want the daybed option that will place you poolside, you will pay anywhere between $600 and $1,800. At Jemaa, the Grand Cabanas and Cabanas offer the ultimate bottle service. For the price of $2,000-$3,500, you can get to enjoy the best the day club has to offer.

How Jemaa Bottle Service Works?

For any table and bottle service reservations you make through our site, you will be making direct reservations for Jemaa Pool. Once you are done confirming your reservations, you should check in at the table reservation entrance and speak with the staff. The location of your table will boil down to a couple of factors, including your time of arrival and the amount you plan on spending. Note that any reservation you make will come coupled with a sitting area and table, as well as your own busser, waitress, and security staff. You will also enjoy a private spot for dancing, drinking, and enjoying the rest of the party. For any questions or concerns about Jemaa Pool bottle service, look at How Las Vegas Bottle Service Works.

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Do You Have Any Questions Concerning Table Service?

In case you wish to ask a question or raise a concern about how it all works, the day clubs, the services, or any other thing, you can always use our Contact Us Page to reach us.

Make Bottle Service Reservations at Jemaa Las Vegas

Want bottle service? Feel free to reserve your table anytime, and our team will not only send you a confirmation for the reservation but also keep you posted throughout the process.

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At Jemaa, Cabana and bottle service reservations are designed to ensure you enjoy the best locations in the pool event. The venue has both a dance floor area and a DJ booth. As a member of a group with bottle service, you will enjoy stellar views of the party as well as access to your own VIP area. Cabanas will offer you the ultimate experience owing to the fact that they have the best views in the party. Every package will cater to your drinks, food, and a party that is only exclusive to Vegas. You will also be provided with information about the pricing, availability, and menus of the bottle service with each of our packages.

Contact us directly for quotes on cabana and bottle service reservations. Do not hesitate to look at Jemaa’s menu, prices, and availability when making your plans.

Jemaa Pool Party guest list is available for free here.