Wet Republic Table Reservations

NIGHTS OPEN: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LOCATION: MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

Wet Republic Table Reservation

Bottle service go over your budget? Feel free to look at Wet Republic guest list.

On average, the typical alcohol bottles will cost you $500-$600. Look at the Wet Republic menu for more information. The cash you will spend will typically boil down to the size of your group; you will need to have a bottle per five people. For instance, if you are a group of ten people, you will need to at least buy two bottles. While the pricing for the bottles and table is similar, you can use your spend to buy food too.

You will have a good amount of package options to choose from, from cabanas to daybeds, and even bungalows. For daybeds, the entry-level prices are $250-$1,000. Daybeds are set up in public areas that aren’t roped off and come with umbrellas. Cabanas, on the other hand, will offer you more space and furniture to relax on. For you to use these private areas, you will need to pay between $1,000 and $2,000. While the cabanas are set up at the venue’s edge, they are typically elevated, which will ensure that you have the perfect view of the action and live performance. As an added advantage, you will also get to enjoy a private pool. For a more VIP experience, you can always use any of the VIP bungalows located on either side of the primary stage. For the price of $3,000 and up, you can enjoy the massive real estate that these party pits provide. If you wish to get closer to the live performance, you can always choose to sit at the tables that are set up on the stage. Their prices are similar to those of the cabanas. Note that the prices are exclusive of the 20% gratuity and 8% tax.

How Wet Republic Bottle Service Works?

Any bottle service reservations you make using our site will be a direct reservation with Wet Republic. Once you confirm your reservations, you will only need to speak to the staff upon arrival at the table reservation entrance. The location of your table will trickle down to a couple of factors, including your time of arrival and your target spend. Any reservation you make will come with a waitress, a security team and a busser. These spaces will allow you to have your own private spot for drinking, dancing, and delighting in the party. For any questions or concerns about Wet Republic bottle service, look at How Las Vegas Bottle Service Works.

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Do You Have Any Questions About Table Service?

In case you have any pre-reservation concerns or questions about how it all works, the services, or the day clubs, reach us through our Contact Us Page.

Make Bottle Service Reservations at Wet Republic

Want bottle service? Upon making a reservation, we will not only confirm the reservation but also keep you posted throughout the entire process.

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With cabana and bottle service reservations, you can rest assured that you will have access to the pool events’ best locations. Our main stage draws inspirations from Ibiza and is accustomed to being used by the best live performers and DJs in the world. With bottle service reservations, you can not only enjoy accessing VIP areas but also delight in the party’s best views. The covered cabanas are ideal for offering guests the best areas for either relaxing and lounging or going wild. With every package you choose, you will be offered details concerning the prices, availability, and menus of the bottle service.

At Wet Republic, you can find the best tables and cabanas on stage or on either of its sides. Also, you can get to enjoy private daybeds, pools, and shade. For an ultra-exclusive experience, you can use any of the bungalows located on either of the stage’s sides. Both come with balconies to allow you to see the entire action.

For a quote of the cabana and bottle service reservations costs, connect with us today! Do not hesitate to ask about the prices, availability, and menu of the bottle service.

WET REPUBLIC guest list is available for free here.