Vegas Stripclubs have the reputation of being expensive considering entry fees and the price of drinks hovering around $15-$20 each. On average, you will need about $80 to cover your entry fee and the purchase of the minimum two drinks imposed by clubs. In addition, if you add the round trip travel costs for uber or limo services, you will have spent over $100 before experiencing the best of Las Vegas strip clubs. Nevertheless, you can still have fun in Vegas strip clubs on almost any budget.

For any of the below clubs, we can setup VIP limo services to each of the clubs, and get you two drinks, all for one low price. You even get to skip the line and get escorted directly into the club. Contact us for more information!

Spearmint Rhino

Spearmint is the premier topless strip club in Las Vegas With the finest women in Las Vegas wearing nothing more than their smiles and g-string, you will get treated to lap dances at $20. The club has devoted its efforts to creating an upscale strip club on the Vegas Strip. The popularity of Spearmint is legendary especially at 3 a.m. when the Rhino is at its peak. Spearmint, besides the stellar environment, has affordable packages for patrons with the VIP package covering for charge fees, limo rides, and table reservations in the VIP booths where you to enjoy near-nude shows privately.


Renowned for being the biggest topless strip club in the world, Sapphire is where you get to catch the action just off of on the strip. No other club in Las Vegas epitomizes the song Girls Girls Girls, like Sapphire which features about 400 exotic dancers at peak hours. As a topless club, you can take advantage of the Sapphire bottle service to enjoy discounted services for lap dances ($30 – $120) and acrobatic pole shows. During the day, you can join the action in the topless pool party and watch the gorgeous girls glistering in oil and rocking sexy bikinis.

Crazy Horse III                        

After Crazy Horse I and II, there is Crazy Horse III which has held the title of being the most famous sin city venues. The club features a Roman/Greek theme and the best seating arrangements for tipping on the stage after a night of pole dances from the sexiest girls in Las Vegas. Crazy Horse III offers what every man desires in Las Vegas; a stellar roster of exotic topless dancers. Due to its hype, Crazy Horse is an expensive club but the premium bottle service will cater to your drinks and entry into the club. If you are in the company of your friends, the 5 private VIP bars give exclusive shows with the sexiest girls in the Vegas Strip at no extra cost.


Vegas has experienced the evolution of topless strip clubs with Treasures ruling the sin city with an iron fist. Its dominance in the market over the years has enabled the management of the club to create something for everyone by hosting exotic dancers from the tattooed girl, the girl-next-door and anything in between. No matter your tastes, Treasures is the place for you. With the VIP package, you get to enjoy the dance shows as well as exquisite lap dances for less than anyone else. The upstairs showroom is ideal for groups squealing bachelor and bachelorette parties.