Roses are red, violets are blue, and nothing beats Las Vegas epic strip clubs. From the legendary Spearmint Rhino, the epic crazy horse III to the largest club in the world, Sapphire, this city serves you with all sorts of fun possibilities. So if you and your buddies are in Vegas to explore what it offers, then you should make a stop at any of the mentioned. But before you do, here are five things you didn’t know about Las Vegas strip clubs.

They are Open Even During the Day

Las Vegas is full of grandeur and energy 24/7. Sapphire, the largest strip club on the strip, has a pool out back, which is usually open every Friday through Sunday and features topless entertainers. You can lounge on the poolside and enjoy the view, and if you’re lucky, you might bump into celebrity DJs and artists. The spearmint Rhino, one of the most coveted strip clubs in Las Vegas, is also usually open during the day and boasts a lineup of some pretty experienced day shift strippers during the afternoon. So if you’re a hard partier and don’t plan on getting sleepy during your trip to Vegas, you can be confident that it will be worth your while.

Strippers are at Work

You probably know this, but we’ll remind you again, that stripper is at work. So just because they are mood lighting and giving you the best lap dance you’ve ever had in your life doesn’t mean they are interested in you on a personal level. To them, you’re a customer like any other, and they are there to ensure you have a good time. So don’t go falling in love or think of grabbing or touching them because either way, you’ll end up being hurt (emotionally if you fall in love, physically if you touch or grab them.)

You Can Say No to a Dance (But it will be awkward)

When you are at a strip club, be sure that an entertainer will offer you a dance. Keep in mind, their job is to keep you entertained, and dancing, whether in private or not, is meant to do just that, and also get the tips. So if you’ve never had a lap dance before, you came with your wife/husband, or it has been ages since you had one and are afraid things may go south, then it’s okay to say no. Keep in mind, however, it’ll be a little awkward.

No One Will Tell You When the Song Ends

In most venues, there is often a flat rate for a song and lap dance combo. Thereby, when you request a dance, whether private or not, you’ll be told how much it costs, but no one will notify you when the song ends. What’s the point? The scene can be quite distracting, and you may not notice when the song ends, so by the time your session is up, you may find that you owe the stripper more than you had planned on spending. So if you are going to get a dance, tell your buddies to pinch you back to reality before you blow up your credit card.


Treasures, Hustler, Crazy Horse 3, Sapphire, and the earlier mentioned strip clubs are some of the top names on our list of Gentlemen clubs in Vegas. So if you’re planning on coming down to the desert city, book with us today so you can get the star treatment to any of the strip joints you choose.