Are you and your squad, maybe bachelor or bachelorette squad planning to come and let loose in Las Vegas strip clubs? If yes, then you’ve definitely made the right decision. Also known as the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas is home to some of the grandest gentlemen clubs in the world. However, its grandeur is also its downside, as this means it’s always crawling with tourists all year long. Therefore, merely getting into a club leave alone, securing a table is nothing short of stressful. The good news, however, is that you and your buddies don’t have to put yourself through that pain as you can make a grand entrance to any strip club you choose through our guest list.

Perks of Being on a Guest List

As mentioned, strip clubs, especially the best such as Spearmint Rhino, Sapphire, and Crazy Horse III, can get quite crowded. The lines, to be precise, can be pretty long, and some people never even make it inside. Being on our guest list makes this the least of your worries as you get to beat the lines by using the VIP entrance.

Also, most strip clubs usually have a cover charge, and it can be pretty high sometimes. For instance, at Crazy Horse III, the cover charge can go as high as $60-$80. But if you use a guest list, you’ll not only beat the lines but also get free entrance, access to VIP services, all you pay for is two drinks!. In most venues, ladies usually get free entry when using the guest list. (Note, the discounts on cover charges and free access for the gentlemen depend on the venue.) Other perks for the ladies include an open bar and free drinks.

When you get on our guest list, you also get:

  • Free VIP limo services to and from whatever strip club you choose
  • Reduced cover charge
  • VIP hosted entry

Our guest list not only makes your trip seamless but also more budget-friendly as you may not only get discounted cover charges but even free access. For instance, our Crazy Horse III guest list guarantees you completely free access through us as the only thing you pay are the two drink tickets, plus celebrity treatment from your host Eros.

Signing Up for Our Guest List

Signing up for our guest list is a walk in the park. All you need to do is visit our site

  • Select your favorite strip club in Las Vegas
  • Fill in your contact details
  • Key in the attendance date
  • Fill in the limo pickup location and the ideal pickup time for you
  • Give us the information on the size of your group, i.e., the number of women or men

Submit, and you will receive a confirmation email giving all the details you need, including a dress code guide. Once you touchdown in Las Vegas, you’ll receive a reminder confirming your pick up on the said time. Book your spot on our guest list today because, with the holiday season ahead, things are about to go crazy. So signup so you and your crew don’t miss out on all the fun in Las Vegas strip clubs waiting in line.