Las Vegas is the center of the party universe, offering the most stunning nightlife in the world. Literally each night of the week you will find world-renowned DJs and musical performers entertaining guests all around the Strip. No matter the day, each night feels like a weekend and our nightclubs know exactly how to ensure their guests have a great time. They know how to throw parties! Vegas nightclubs are where celebrities are spotted, and where everyone that comes to Las Vegas wants to be. Having gorgeous waitresses and staff doesn’t hurt either. Everyone knows that it costs a small fortune to get in and party like a Rock-star, but what about getting in free? Are you wanting to learn how to get in free and really enjoy yourself?


How Do You Get In Free To Vegas Nightclubs?

The quickest way to get in free to Las Vegas nightclubs is via the guest list. Doing this with us lets you easily register at the club of your choice, and you get an email confirmation of your registration. At, we have refined the process and made it super simple to get on the best guest lists in town. All you have to do is choose the nightclubs or pool parties you want to attend and let us take care of the details.

I Just Signed Up… Now What?

So, you’ve just signed up on one of our registration forms. You can expect an email confirmation of your registration. Simple! We will make sure that your name is on the guest list at the club of your choice and date of your choosing, and all you need to do is get to the club and have a great time. And we do all of this for free.

Once You Are on The Guestlist:

  • Ladies get in for free and can sometimes get free drinks.
  • Guys may get reduced cover charge or free entrance. The rules are pretty much the same at most clubs, guys will get in free if there are at least the amount of women as men, or more women than men. Otherwise, expect a fee.
  • Men and women will skip the general admission line.
  • Guest list entry is not guaranteed. Please arrive by 10:30pm as the more full the club gets, the less likely they are to allow entry via the guest list.


How Hard Is It to Get into Vegas Nightclubs?

It used to be a big hassle to get onto the guest list at Vegas nightclubs, but not anymore. The process is super simple, just choose the club you want to attend and complete the registration form and get confirmation from us via email. That’s it!

When Can We Not Get in For Free?

There are some unwritten rules to getting into Nightclubs and Dayclubs. Here they are:

  • Always try to have at least the number of women as men in your group, or more women…
  • Arrive early. Make sure you are there by 10:30pm
  • Guest lists may not be available for some major events and holidays
  • Abide by the dress code. This is imperative.
  • Depending on how busy the club is, they will stop letting people in once full.