While all birthdays are significant, your 21st birthday is often the most significant of all up to this point in your life. It’s that age when you can finally gain access to the best clubs in the world, and are no longer restricted by your age. Its a coming of age really, something that everyone under 21 yearns for. So if you’re finally turning 21, then there is no better way to enjoy your newly gained freedom than indulging in what Las Vegas has to offer. Are you planning an epic night out in Vegas, but don’t yet have solid plans? Worry not because here is how to plan a great 21st birthday party in Las Vegas.

Set the Date

The first step to having an unforgettable 21st birthday in Las Vegas is selecting the date. If you and your group plan on spending a few days here, then select a few days around your birthday. For instance, if you were born on 31st December, arrive a day or so in advance and get settled into the hotel of your choice. There are plenty of incredible options. You don’t want to linger around too many days prior to your b’day, as you wont be able to get into the clubs. On the night before your birthday, ensure that you are ready prior to midnight, and let the games begin.

Stay in Style

First things first, make sure you book your stay at the right hotel! There is certainly no shortage of hotels to choose from.

Book a Venue, Pick the Theme

After you decide on the dates, pick the theme for your party. The most suitable way to do it is to pick something you are most interested in or love. Check out all of the clubs on our website that we have VIP access to, and make your decision. Contact us with some notice so we can build a VIP experience for you that you wont forget.  Do this as soon as you can so you can inform us of your upcoming party so we can make your night a reality.

When you book our VIP services, you’ll get a table specially customized for you at some of Vegas’s top nightclubs to spend your 21st birthday! If you book VIP services, check out all of the services we offer in each package and call us to learn more.


It is now official, you can gamble! Why not try your luck at blackjack, slots, craps, or any other casino game of your choice? Even if you aren’t crazy about gambling, get the full Vegas experience and give it a shot. One perk is you can get free drinks while doing so.

Unique Dining

Enjoy your birthday celebration at one of Vegas’ many fantastic restaurants. Give us a call and let us help you with recommendations of where to have a great meal prior to a night out.

Las Vegas Nightclubs

Again, now that you can legally drink it is time to get into the best clubs in the world. This is our specialty. We recommend table service for such an occasion, it will guarantee you have a great night. Marquee at the Cosmopolitan, Hakkasan Nightclub at MGM Grand, 1OAK at The Mirage, Light at Mandalay Bay, Jewel at ARIA, the list truly does go on and on.

Ensure you Pack the Right Clothes

While you can show up at your local bar in baggy jeans and flip flops, such a dress code will get you denied entrance at your 21st birthday party in Las Vegas. So pack the right way. Click here to read our blog post about dress code. In Vegas, men are not supposed to show up at the club rocking shorts, work boots, athletic attire, sandals, hats, and baggy jeans. So if you’ll be celebrating your coming to age birthday in Vegas and you are a man, it’s wise to stay safe by dressing up a little more formally than you usually do. The girls can get away with wearing pretty much anything (although we have seen them get turned away at clubs in the past), guys have almost zero leniency.

If you are a lady, you can get away with almost anything except flip flops and at times, sandals. So stay safe, wear that cute black dress you had stashed in your closet, and your favorite heels and you’ll be readily welcomed with a smile everywhere you go.

Ideas of Things to Do on Your 21st Birthday in Las Vegas

  • Throw a party at a nightclub or at least ensure midnight finds you partying your childhood away in one of Sin City’s top nightclubs. Later make a stop at a strip club.
  • Take a helicopter tour over the Vegas strip or head to the Strat where you can see Vegas from thousands of feet above the earth. Trust us, its an incredible view.
  • Enjoy fine dining at some of the world’s best restaurants in Vegas.
  • Hit a day club pool party if its in season.

Your coming to age party should be unforgettable, and there is no better way to make it so by celebrating it in Vegas. So make your reservations today and make your way to Sin City for the ultimate 21st Las Vegas birthday party. We are here to help you every step of the way, from VIP experiences in the best nightclubs in the world, to VIP limo services, and tips to the best restaurants and itineraries for your upcoming trip.