Halloween is fast approaching and Palms Casino Resort is determined to give you the best Halloween ever! They have built the Kaos Dome, a fully enclosed domed structure that will provide the ultimate seasonal day & nightclubbing and resort pool services here in Vegas. So, you won’t have to get sad and worry about bidding goodbye to the summer. The Dome will, in itself be an assurance of an “endless summer.” Everything just got easier and more fun!   

The Features

The Kaos Dome, designed and built by the Evenstar Structure Corp (based in Miami), will be the largest climate-controlled domed structure in the whole of Las Vegas. It’s a transparent dome, 70-foot tall, tall enough to fully shelter the famous Damien Hirst’s 60-foot “Demon with Bowl” sculpture. 

But that’s not all; this beast dome structure is retractable and provides 33,000 square feet space on the west side of the pool designed for multiple “outdoor” usage. The Dome also features state-of-the-art audio systems, 360-degree rotating DJ booth, kinetic ceiling, and astonishing tesla coils. 

You can book yourself a spot in one of the 15 private cabanas and enjoy some of the finest pool resort services you can get. Be prepared to enjoy pool partying up until March 2020 within the transparent structure, regardless of the weather.   

When is the D-Day?

Both the dayclub and nightclub services have been temporarily suspended for two weeks, from 15th September to 31st October, for convenience during the installation of the Dome. The Dome will be launched on the night of Halloween with a “Demon Dome” Halloween party performance from one of the latest Hip Hop celebrities, Cardi B. If you’re her fan, imagine how awesome the night could get. And if not, there are still amazing things to enjoy that night (just like in any other club, and more), and all the way into March. Both the day and nightclub will, however, be opened only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. 

Kaos Services

There are two main services offered by the Kaos Dayclub & Nightclub; the guest list and the bottle services. You can sign up for these services via a trusted Kaos promoter

The Kaos guest list is the most popular service. But why sign up to be on the guest list in the first place? Well, the following are some advantages you’ll enjoy :

  • On a regular day or night, ladies enter for free.
  • You’ll skip the general admission line, provided you’re on the list.
  • If your group has an even ratio of men to women or more women than men, you’ll get free entry. An exception will be made if the group consists of men only – you’ll be required to get the Kaos tickets or bottle services. 

For the Kaos Bottle Service, you can make a reservation depending on how large your group is, your preference, and of course, your budget. You’ll be reserved your own table with security staff, busser, own waitress, and a separate spot to enjoy your night, different from the general public. Sounds great, right? Now, what dress code should you embrace?

Kaos Dress Code

The dress code is a very sensitive topic, both for the dayclub and the nightclub. For the dayclub, for instance, it’s important that you keep to a pool attire; swimsuits, sandals, and hats. And for the nightclub, you’ll not need the pool or athletic attire. Avoid wearing baggy jeans, jerseys, shorts, work boots, hats, or sandals. Just put on a nice fitting dress and a set of heels, if you’re a lady. And for men, a more standard dress code will put you on the safe side.