Planning to hit the strip clubs in Las Vegas for the first time? If yes, then you are in for one hell of a treat because other than gambling and epic night clubs, Las Vegas is also the land of some of the hottest strippers in the world, as well as ultra-luxurious strip clubs. Therefore, you can be confident a steamy lap dance will come your way before the night is over. However, while a lap dance gives them money, some dancers will turn down your request. Follow these tips to ensure this doesn’t happen;

Look Good

The key to getting a stripper to look your way is to look good. Keep in mind that during a lap dance, the stripper will be up-close. Therefore don’t show up smelling like a homeless person. Shower, put on some nice deodorant, and look as good as you would when going on a first date. Avoid wearing anything that might chafe the stripper’s delicate skin. This applies to the ladies, as well. Check out our guide for more tips on dress code.

Know the Rules

While different strip clubs have different rules, some of these are written in stone. For instance, a majority of strip clubs in Las Vegas have a no-hands rule. So even if every cell in your body is screaming touch, keep your hands to yourself. However, depending on how friendly, generous with tips or presentable you are, some strippers will allow you to touch, caress, or even do more. But in general, avoid touching, groping or kissing. If a dancer suspects you’re going to try any of that, you’ll end up having an air dance instead of a lap dance. In a nutshell, how smooth your lap dance experience is, depends on how smooth you are as well.

Don’t Be A Creep

Even though Las Vegas is the land of yes and most of the outlawed things in other cities are legal here, prostitution remains illegal. Additionally, strippers are not sex-workers. They are exotic dancers, and that’s as far as it goes. So even if things get all steamy during a lap dance, please resist the urge to ask the stripper when they get off so they can meet you.  In most cases, this will earn you a hot slap, a look of disgust, and probably, no other stripper will look your way the rest of the night. This is especially a bad idea because you’re a first-timer in that strip club.

Know the Costs

Just because you are at a strip club doesn’t mean you’re getting that lap dance for free. Usually, most strip clubs have similar lap dance rates, which in most cases, depend on the length of the song. Additionally, do not expect the stripper to notify you when the song is over. So it’s up to you and your buddies to focus; otherwise, you’ll end up with a huge bill which unfortunately you cannot get away with as the bouncers will see to it that you pay.  So to avoid trouble and embarrassment, know the costs first.

TIP, TIP, TIP But Don’t Take

As mentioned, how smooth your lap dance experience at a strip club in Las Vegas goes depends on how smooth you are. In that case, most strippers will make things even hotter and allow you to touch if you tip them generously.

However, resist the urge to take back some of the money you just put in her G-string. This is considered stealing, and the night may end up being rough for you. Keep in mind that strippers can perform exemplary moves on a pole in 6-inch heels, so chasing you when you try to steal from them won’t be a problem., not to mention the bouncers 🙂

Over to You

A lap dance is the easiest way to get a little intimate with that dancer who has been entertaining you for the last few hours. But it can also get you in trouble, or you may end up not getting one at all. Keep the tips above in mind, and book a spot on our VIP guest list so you can have seamless access to some of the best gentlemen’s clubs in Las Vegas.