1OAK Nightclub Table Reservations

Nights Open: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays
Location: Encore Hotel & Casino

If bottle service rates exceed what you’ve budgeted for, you should check out the 1OAK guestlist instead.

At 10AK Las Vegas, bottles are sold between $600 and $675. Prices indicated in the club’s menu do not include tax and gratuity (8% and 20%, respectively). Also, table prices and bottle prices are the same. Therefore, your table service reservation will cover your bottles. As is the case on the Strip, every 4 to 5 members of a group should buy at least one bottle of alcohol.

Entry-level tables found at the club’s patio start at $1,000. Those in the main room cost at least $2,000. Bigger tables found in the main room also cost about that amount. For a spot at tables located by the DJ booth or on the dance floor, you’ll spend at least $5,000.

How 1OAK Bottle Service Works?

When you use our website to reserve bottle service at 1OAK, the reservation will also be for the nightclub itself. You won’t have to wait in queues for you to get admitted into the club. After arriving, a staff member at the exclusive table reservation entrance will check you in and direct you to your table.

The reservation also covers for a waitress, a busser, and security staff. Likewise, the table that you’ll be assigned will be separate from the general public sections of the club. Check out how bottle service at 1OAK works to learn more about bottle service in Las Vegas.

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Do You Have Queries About Table Service?

If you’ve got any questions about our reservation and 1OAK’s bottle service and how it works, or anything else, kindly drop your queries in our Contact Us page. We will get back to you with an answer immediately.

Reserve Bottle Service at 1OAK

Ready for 1OAK’s bottle service? Reserve a table today ahead of D-day. As your hosts, we’ll not only send you confirmations but also keep you updated throughout the entire process. Choose your package:

A memorable party experience at 1OAK starts with reserving the best seats that money can buy. Bottle and table service reservations make this possible. The club has a half-circle design with a dance floor at the center. Seats around the dance floor are marginally tiered to allow excellent views of the action. If you love the tranquility that comes with being outdoors, the club has a pool area featuring daybeds and cabanas. On Sunday nights, this outdoor area gets transformed into a party zone.

One advantage of table service reservations at 1OAK Las Vegas is that it gets you quick access to the club. You also get to sample the best seats and tables in the house, as well as VVIP services such as dedicated security staff and waitresses. Since your seats will be cordoned off from the rest of the club, you won’t have to worry about any disturbance from other partygoers.

Connect with our 1OAK VIP hosts to get quotes on bottle service reservations. You can also ask about the club’s menu, prices, and availability.

1OAK Nightclub guest list is available for free here.