Apex Nightclub Table Reservations

Open Nights: Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays
Location: Palms Hotel & Casino

If the bottle service costs more than what you’ve budgeted for, don’t hesitate to peruse the Apex Social guest list for amazing offers. At Apex, the price of standard bottles ranges from $450 to $650, as indicated in the menu. The prices don’t include a 20% gratuity and 8% tax. Since prices for the bottles and tables are the same, whatever you pay for a table will go towards your bottles.

It’s common practice in Vegas that you have to purchase at least one alcohol bottle for every four to five people in a group. At the APEX Social Club, bottle service starts at $250. At this entry price, tables are located at the side of the establishment. You’ll have to spend at least $900 for tables at the front of the rooftop deck. The best tables at the venue are located close to the center, and these are priced at $1,350.

How Apex Bottle Service Works?

By reserving bottle service via our website, you’ll be making a direct reservation for the club. After arriving at Apex Nightclub, you simply need to check in with staff at the venue’s table reservation entrance. Keep in mind that each reservation comes with a table and seats, as well as private security staff, a waitress, and a busser. Moreover, you’ll have your own secluded spot that gives you more space to do as you wish. Here, you can drink, dance, and party the night away.

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Do You Have Questions About Table Service at Apex?

If you are making your reservation and you have any queries about how bottle service in Vegas works, or anything else, do not hesitate to ask us via our Contact Us page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Reserve Your Bottle Service

Are you ready to enjoy the Apex Nightclub bottle service? Reserve your table through our website today. We will send immediate confirmation and keep you updated. After selecting your preferred package, we will create a customized experience for you and your group.

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The VIP treatment that is on offer at Apex complements the club’s tables and bottle service. The VIP section was previously home to the famed GhostBar before they undertook a massive upgrade. Here, you’ll be blown away by the picturesque views of the Vegas strip, as well as the sexy and funky design of the room. Likewise, the music that the club’s in-house DJs play is always on point.

Table options are varied and available both inside the venue and on the rooftop. Once you make a reservation, you will be able to access your table, seats, and dancing areas quickly. Menus and bottle service rates will be provided to you by us, get in touch and lets get something booked!

The best tables at Apex Nightclub are located right next to the main dance floor. You will also find nice tables closer to the outdoor deck’s center. The most exclusive nightclub experience at the Apex always accompanies the bespoke treatment that is provided to those who make bottle service reservations on our site. Get all the necessary info about Apex menus, prices, hosting, bottle service reservations, availability, and guest lists.

Club Apex guest list is available for free here.