EBC At Night Table Reservations

Open On: Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays
Location: Encore Hotel & Casino

Is bottle service pricier than what you’ve planned to spend? Check out EBC At Night’s guest list instead.

Bottles at EBC cost between $550 and $625. This is exclusive of tax (8%) and gratuity (20%). As it is the case with most Vegas clubs, prices for bottles and tables are the same. Also, you need to buy at least one bottle of alcohol for every 4 – 5 people in your group.

To get an entry-level table at the club, you have to part with at least $750. Entry-level tables at EBC are located at the gaming pavilion or on the patio. Tables inside the central cabana have a starting price of $2,000. Bungalows and bigger tables start at $4,000, which is also what you’ll pay for a table close to the DJ booth area. The best tables in the house are those that are close to the DJ booth and on the dance floor.

How Encore Beach Club Night Bottle Service Works?

We handle your entire reservation for bottle service at EBC At Night. Once you confirm your booking, you will only need to arrive and check-in with a bottle service staff member at the entrance. The location of your table will depend on your arrival time and planned expenditure for the night.

To ensure that you have the time of your life at EBC, reservations come with a private table, security staff, a waitress, and a busser. Furthermore, you will have a private spot away from the general public. Do not hesitate to ask about how bottle service works in Las Vegas and at Encore Beach Club.

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Do You Have Queries About Table Service?

When making table service reservations at EBC, you may have many questions in mind relating to the service and how it works. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Reserving Your Bottle Service at Encore Beach Club

Are you ready for exclusive bottle service at EBC at Night? Make your reservation today with us, we will take care of you and ensure you have a great experience.

EBC Bottle Service

Bottle service and table reservations at EBC at Night deliver the ultimate party experience because you’ll have the best seats, VIP services, and so much more. The club is designed with two incredible locations for bottle service. The nightclub’s interior features tables that put you next to the best DJs in the world, and the dance floor. Locations around the exterior pool provide a low key spot away from prying eyes.

One thing that our bottle service reservation guarantees, is quick entry into the club. Besides, the general public won’t be able to access you, something that guarantees ultimate privacy. Once you connect with us, learn all about what we offer, menus, availability, and bottle service prices will be directly provided to you.

There’s a considerable difference between outdoor and indoor options for bottle service. If you are into high-energy parties, the indoor club is the best spot for you. If you are looking for a more serene environment, the outdoor areas will be more appealing to you. Irrespective of where you choose to sit, you will be guaranteed fantastic sound, production, and lighting.

Contact us for a quote on bottle services. Feel free to inquire about the club’s bottle prices, menu, and availability.

EBC At Nightclub guest list is available for free here.