Hakkasan Table Reservations

Open On: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays
Location: Encore Hotel & Casino

Is bottle service pricier than what you’ve planned to spend? If so, do not hesitate to check out the Hakkasan guest list instead.

The price of typical bottles ranges from $600 to $675. Prices are indicated on the Hakkasan menu and don’t include the standard 20% gratuity and 8% tax. The cost of bottles and tables is the same thing. Typically in Vegas, every 4 to 5 people in a group need to purchase a bottle.

Entry-level tables at Hakkasan Las Vegas cost at least $1,000. You’ll find such tables on the club’s patio. Tables located in the main room are priced at $2,000. The best tables cost at least $5,000 and can be found right on the dance floor or next to the DJs booth.

How Hakkasan Bottle Service Works?

When you make reservations for bottle service on our website, we take care of the entire process. After confirming your reservation, you only need to wait for the day and show up at Hakkasan’s table reservation entrance. Here, you will be required to check in the staff so that you get directed to your table.

Your reservation comes with a table, seats, a personal waitress, security staff, and a busser. You also get a private spot away from public areas in the club. Therefore, you can have fun knowing that you are away from prying eyes. If you have questions pertaining to bottle service in Las Vegas, read more about how bottle service works at Hakkasan. Likewise, for any questions relating to reservations, reach out to us directly, and you’ll get an immediate response.

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Reserving Bottle and Table Service at Hakkasan

Looking forward to bottle service at Hakkasan? Reserve a table today, we’ll confirm your reservation immediately and keep you informed at each stage of the way.

Hakkasan Profile

The most unforgettable party experience is at Hakkasan with bottle service and table reservations. The club’s interior has a semi-circle design with a large dance floor at the center. All tables are marginally tiered to ensure that you get the best views of whatever is happening on the dance floor and in the DJ booth.

The best tables at Hakkasan are found on the dance floor’s first-tier as well as the areas behind the DJ booth. Security staff always rope off these areas to guarantee maximum privacy. Regular partygoers are not allowed to access these locations.

Hakkasan also installed an outdoor area featuring cabanas, a pool, and daybeds. Every Sunday night, all the action takes place in the pool area. Here, the club holds exclusive events, which are commonly referred to as Night Swim. Besides guaranteeing the best tables, bottle service reservation also gets you quicker entry into the club. Similarly, it includes a personal chef, dedicated security staff, and a busser.

Get in touch with us to get a quote on bottle service reservations at Hakkasan Las Vegas. Do not hesitate to inquire about the club’s menu, availability, and bottle prices.

Hakkasan Nightclub guest list is available for free here.