Marquee Nightclub Table Reservations

Open Nights: Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays
Location: Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino

Have you budgeted less than what bottle service at Marquee Nightclub costs? Check out the Marquee guest list instead.

The nightclub sells bottles at between $600 and $675. You can ask for the menu to check out the prices of your favorite drinks.

The prices that you’ll find on the menu don’t include 20% gratuity and 8% tax. Whatever you pay for a table will go towards your drinks because the price for bottles and tables are the same thing. As is the case with most Vegas nightclubs, every 4 to 5 people in a group must buy at least one bottle of alcohol.

Marquee offers its entry-level tables for at least $600. These tables can be found close to the venue’s main pool deck, and are connected to the venue’s main room. For $1,200, you will land a spot at tables located in the main room’s back wall. When you secure a place on these tables, you will have great views of the action on the stage and DJ booth. $2,000 will get you a table near the Marquee dance floor, while $3,000 will get you a table on the dance floor.

How Marquee Bottle Service Works?

You can make reservations for bottle service on our website! We will keep you updated on the process, and then you just show up on the day of the event , check in with staff at the club’s table reservation entrance. Since bottle service reservations are all-inclusive, you’ll get a personal waitress and busser as well as security staff.

Bottle service reservations help you to score exclusive tables that are hidden away from general public sections of the club. For more information about bottle service in Vegas, check out how Marquee Nightclub’s bottle service works.

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Have Questions About Marquee Bottle Services?

Before making a bottle service reservation with us, you may have questions. You may want to know what the service entails or how it works, and everything in between. For answers to whatever questions you might have, reach out to us, and we will be in touch right away!

Reserve Your Table at Marquee

Ready to experience bottle service at Marquee nightclub? Reserve your bottle service, and as your promoter, we’ll send immediate confirmation, and keep you in the loop at every step of the way.

If you want to party the night away on the best tables at Marquee, we will help you reserve them. The venue prides itself on having the best main room in the whole of Vegas. The room features amazing LED displays and production that will blow your mind away. Marquee always hosts the most high-energy parties in town. Reserving bottle service ramps up the experience all the more.

Partygoers who reserve tables get to experience the best of everything on offer at the club, including fantastic views of the Vegas strip and our headlining DJs. Table reservations guarantee you extra dancing room, seating areas, and your own table. Besides, clients who make this reservation also get quick access via the velvet ropes at the Marquee entrance.

Marquee’s most popular tables are found near the main room’s center. These tables are close to the dance floor and the DJ booth. Other élite tables are located alongside the day club pool. You can secure a spot at these tables anytime you want, including at night.

Connect with us for any information that you want about Marquee’s bottle service reservations. You can also inquire about the club’s menu, availability, and bottle prices.

Marquee Nightclub guest list is available for free here.