Omnia Nightclub Table Reservations

Nights Open: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays
Location: Encore Hotel & Casino

Is bottle service pricier than what you’ve planned to spend? Check out the Omnia Guest List instead.

At Omnia Nightclub, bottles cost between $600 and $675. All prices indicated in the Omnia menu don’t include tax (8%) and gratuity (20%). Table and bottle prices are the same. Therefore, what you pay for a table goes directly to your alcohol bill. Also, every group of 4 to 5 people must buy at least one alcohol bottle.

An entry-level table at Omnia Las Vegas will cost you at least $1,000. You’ll find such tables at the club’s patio. Tables located in the main room have a starting price of $2,000, while the most expensive and the best cost $5,000. These are found by the DJ booth and on the dance floor.

How Omnia Bottle Service Works?

Making a bottle service reservation via our website is easy. Once you’ve confirmed the reservation, you only need to show up at the club’s table reservation entrance where Omnia’s staff will check you in. You’ll get a personal waitress, security staff, and a busser to ensure that you enjoy your evening optimally.

Moreover, bottle service reservations grant you a secluded spot away from public areas. Therefore, you can have fun without any intrusion and have your own space to enjoy. For questions about how bottle service in Vegas works, you can check out how Omnia Nightclub’s bottle service works. You can also reach out to us, and we will address your questions immediately.

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Reserve Your Table Service at Omnia

Want to experience bottle service at Omnia? Reserve a table today. We will take care of everything on your behalf, and ensure you have a great time.

Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas - Inside Image

If you want to have the ultimate party experience at Omnia, you should reserve the best seats available. The club has a half-circle design for the main room, with the centerpiece of it all being a huge dance floor. Other attraction points include our dynamic LED video production and the DJ booth.

In the main room, tables are slightly raised to give patrons great views of the main room and its attraction points. The outdoor area features an infinity pool with cabanas and daybeds. On Sunday nights, the action shifts to the pool area where Omnia Las Vegas hosts its legendary Night Swim parties.

Bottle service reservation gets you quick entrance into the club. You also get lots of space to dance and socialize. What’s more, you’ll have a personal waitress, bodyguards, and a busser. Bottle service prices, menu, and availability will be provided to you once you connect with one of our VIP hosts.

The best tables at Omnia Nightclub are those that surround the dance floor’s first tier, and those located behind the DJ booth. To ensure maximum discretion, these locations are entirely roped off by security guards. The tables are also arranged in a way that provides optimum privacy. Access is limited to those who have a reservation.
For quotes on bottle service reservations, contact us. You can also get answers about the venue’s availability, bottle prices, and menu.

Omnia Nightclub guest list is available for free here.