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The Complete Guide to Las Vegas Tao Nightclub

At TAO Nightclub in The Venetian you may find yourself partying next to a celebrity on any given night. For more than a decade, the club has been a favorite of the most notable names in entertainment, music and sports. Take in the sounds, grab a VIP table near on the dance floor, enjoy bottle service in one of eight private skyboxes that overlook the main room, or step out to the 40-foot terrace for views of the Las Vegas Strip. State of the art sound and their well-known hospitality are a great mix and create the perfect atmosphere for a night out in Las Vegas. Tao is also adding new things to the club regularly to keep it fresh and exciting. Tao boasts some of the best go-go dancers in Las Vegas. Tao is known for the ‘Voyeur Models’ located throughout the main-room, the many celebrity guests, special DJs, and hosting as many as 3,000 people on any given night. If you are looking for a Tao club promoter, then you have come to the right place.

How To Get To Tao Nightclub Las Vegas

Venetian Hotel Address: 3377 S Las Vegas Blvd
The entrance to Tao Nightclub is located on the second level of the Venetian Hotel and Casino. The easiest way to get there is to head to the front entrance of the hotel and take the escalator located there up one floor. There you will find the Tao Nightclub front door and guest list area.

How Much Is The Cover Charge At Tao Nightclub?

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There is a cover charge at Tao Nightclub. Men usually pay between $30 and $75 dollars and women pay between $20 and $50. For holiday events and special performances the cost for cover charge may increase. Groups can get the following perks using our guest list:

  • Women are free
  • Men are free in groups that have an even ratio of women, or more women than men.
  • Arrive by 10:30pm, Guest lists will close depending on how busy the club is that night.

Tao Nightclub Dress Code

A dress code is enforced to ensure entry into Tao Nightclub, especially for men. To avoid issues when you arrive to the club, we strongly recommend that men wear nice pants or jeans, a collared shirt or sport coat, and dress shoes. We do not ever recommend wearing shorts, sandals, hats, and athletic attire, avoid these items completely. If you need to decide whether something is “good enough”, always dress nicer. For women it is much easier to get in. They can usually get in wearing what they want; however, we have seen women turned away in the past.