XS Nightclub Table Reservations

Nights Open: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays
Location: Encore Hotel & Casino

Is bottle service pricier than what you’ve planned to spend? Check out the XS guest list instead.

At XS Las Vegas, expect to spend between $600 and $675 for regular bottles. This is exclusive of tax (8%) and gratuity (20%). Bottles and tables have the same price. It’s common practice in Vegas that every 4 to 5 people in a group should buy at least one bottle of alcohol.

The cheapest tables at XS start at $1,000, and are found in the club’s patio. Those in the main room have a starting price of $2,000, including the bigger tables. The most expensive tables at the club will cost you at least $5,000. These tables have close proximity to both the DJ booth and the dance floor.

How XS Nightclub Bottle Service Works?

You can make a bottle service reservation at XS Las Vegas on our site. We will handle everything on your behalf. Once we confirm the reservation, all you do is arrive at the club, at the venue’s table reservation entrance.

Bottle service reservation gives you access to VIP services, including your own waitress, dedicated security staff, and a busser. Your table will be away from the general public to ensure that you enjoy the night without any intrusion. For any questions concerning bottle service in the Las Vegas strip, check out how it’s done at XS!

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Have Questions About Table Service?

If you have questions about the table service reservation process, or the service itself and how it works, get in touch with us!

Reserve Your Table at XS

Are you ready for bottle service at XS? Make a reservation, and let us handle all of the details for you. We look forward to working with you!

If you want to have the utmost fun at XS Las Vegas, you should consider reserving a table. Bottle and table reservations help you to achieve just that, making the most out of your night out. The venue’s interior has a semi-circle design with a huge dance floor featuring at the center. Other centers of attraction include the DJ booth and the vibrant LED video production.

Tables are somewhat tiered to ensure that everyone gets a glimpse of the action on the dance floor. An outdoor area features a pool, daybeds, and cabanas where you can enjoy a quiet night while sipping on your favorite drinks. On Sunday nights, XS always transforms the pool area into a party zone by hosting its famed Night Swim parties by the pool.

When you pay for bottle service at XS, you get quick entry into the venue, as well as tons of space to dance and socialize with other VIP guests. Your seating area is cordoned off from other sections of the club to ensure optimal privacy and minimal intrusion from the general public. Bottle service availability, menus, and prices will be provided by an XS VIP host.

The most exclusive tables at XS Las Vegas are within the dance floor’s first tier, as well as the area behind the DJ booth. Seats are arranged to keep the areas private. Security staff also rope off this VIP section from general seating areas.

Connect with us directly to receive a quote on table and bottle service reservation. You can also ask about the club’s menu, bottle prices, and availability.

XS Nightclub guest list is available for free here.