Sapphire is one of the biggest strip clubs not only in Las Vegas but also in the world. The club is renowned for being the safest strip club and the only one with a pool party. The space features 70,000 square feet of entertainment with bottle services available 24 hours, seven days a week all year round. The club prides itself on having the hottest girls from cashiers to entertainers and the 400 women on their roster.

Getting To The club: Free Transportation

Transportation to the club is complimentary with any of the entry deals or bottle services. Once you make your reservation, we will pick you up for the party from any of the hotels and Blvd in Las Vegas. To take advantage of this free service, you will need to schedule your pick up at least one hour in advance. We ensure you get to the club in style, via limousine, get premium entry, and a couple drinks as well. Check out more information here.

Entry Deals

If you want to buy individual drinks while at the club, booking an entry deal package is the best option. For large groups, you can choose to roll solo and party as a group based on your preferences. While an entry package is a great deal, you might not get the best table reservations, particularly on busy nights. To guarantee a table on the main floor, you can consider a VIP or bottle service packages instead.

VIP Packages

Sapphire offers you the hottest VIP stripclub deals on the Strip. Our deals let you access the club with only $40 accompanied by two free drinks, a deal unmatched in town! Don’t wait in a long line, pay cover fees and drink fees, and get stuck in a ride-share. Let us help you!

We have exclusive access to other deals, such as bottle service, bottle specials, and unique experiences that you may not otherwise know about. Get in contact with us. These deals are not given out frequently though and are often not available if it is a busy night or if there is a big event in town.

Insider Tips to Sapphire Las Vegas

The main entrance is the only entry point to the club. Once you arrive, you will enter through the main doors and wait in line until you arrive at the front desk where you pay your cover charge: unless you book with us. The average wait time is usually 20 minutes based on whether the night is busy. The bigger booths located along the walls in the main room are the best table locations for an exclusive experience of the club. For uncensored privacy with the Vegas girls, choose one of the Skyboxes or VIP rooms. Friday and Saturdays are the best days for exclusive lap dances and parties with the hottest ladies in Las Vegas. However, if privacy is not a priority, the Rockstar table is one of the most awesome experiences you will ever receive in any of the strip clubs in Las Vegas.