Tao Las Vegas is an Asian inspired nightclub with one of the most unique layouts on the Strip. The club arrived in Vegas in 2005 in a weekend-long celebrity activity. Immediately after its grand opening, the club proved to be a hot spot, similar to its sister in New York. The club, which is nestled at the grand entrance of the Venice-themed Venetian Resort and Casino premiers a Buddhist themed and hedonistic ambiance. The environment is a mix of classic Eastern theme couples with ultra-modern inflections and vixens in bathtubs filled with rose petals. The main room is distinguished by the reddish hue that creates a warm and energized feeling resembling that of an ancient Temple with eccentric lighting. Accompanying theme is the sexy assortment of eye-catching decorations such as the flower petal covered vixens soaking in the large white bathtubs welcoming you at the entrance of the club.

Tao Nightclub Guest List

Tao’s guest list can ensure you dont wait in line or pay cover charges. We often can get ladies free drinks as well. Guys can also make it to the guest list provided there is an even ratio of women in your group. This means that if the ratio is 1:1 you can get free entry to the club.

The-cut-off time for guestlist entry is usually midnight, meaning you need to get there before the clock ticks 12 for free entry. Later arrivals will pay the cover charge or not be allowed entry at all, depending on how full the club is that night. To get on the club’s guest list, fill in the online form here and include your information including the date you want to attend, the number of people in your party, and contact information.

Tao Bottle Service

Tao bottle service prices are based on the table location inside the club and the number of people in your party. The closer you are to the DJ, the more you will pay. On most nights pricing for bottle services for both entry-level tables and premium dance floor tables varies. Check out our bottle service page for more info and to book. After contacting us, you will be provided with different table options where each table has a minimum based on the location in the club. It is standard to purchase one bottle for every 4-5 people in your group.

Tao VIP Table 

With a bottle service reservation, you will receive the ultimate VIP treatment with complementary and expedited entry through a dedicated table line. All table reservations include unlimited mixers including cranberry and pineapple juice. Additionally, you get to have a cocktail server to take your orders and pour your drinks and a busser to ensure your table stays clean and replenished throughout the night. With premium bottle services, you will get to sample the best drinks, have the best views, and party right!

Despite being one of the older clubs on the Strip, Tao is an experience. It is the definition of opulence as the owners hoped during its inception. The management keeps the club’s standards unusually high through its strict dress code policy, and the vibe is just right. Enjoy!