Since its grand opening in March 2015, Omnia Nightclub has changed the nightlife landscape in Las Vegas. The club which took over what was previously Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace encompasses a high-energy main room with mezzanine, seductive lounge, high energy main club, and a spectacular rooftop terrace showcasing the picturesque views of the Las Vegas Strip. A fascinating 22,000-pound kinetic chandelier featuring eight concentric circles moving independently from one another is one of the major highlights of the 75,000-square-foot club designed by internationally renowned architects, Rockwell Group. The LED lighting and visuals in Omnia are uniquely crafted ad blend perfectly with the productions and DJ artist performances.

The Omnia Chandelier

The Omnia chandelier is the focal point of visual stimulation in Las Vegas. The 22,000 lbs. kinetic chandelier, designed by famed production designer Willie Williams, is a unique installation in a nightclub and the largest of its kind in Las Vegas. The chandelier features eight concentric circles with different entertainment technology mediums. Productions elements in the fitting include theatrical lighting, LED strips, and video projections. Despite being a permanent installation, it has an automated system that controls the movement and lighting of the circles to enhance the clubbing experience by manipulating each independent ring to create different environments. In addition, the chandelier can be lowered just above the audience heads or raised to its highest levels to create a unique experience throughout the night.

Cover Charges at Omnia Las Vegas

Like other nightclubs in Las Vegas, Omnia charges a cover charge at the entrance, which varies between $30 and $100 for men and $20 and $75 for women. If you are on the Club’s guest list, the cover charge is fully waived for women and fully waived or reduced for men. Click Here to get on the Omnia Guestlist FREE with our VIP guestlist services.

Seating Locations at Omnia Las Vegas

Omnia comprises of three unique locations to party:

The Main Room

Omnia’s main room comprises of two dance floors that provide patrons with an adventurous experience dancing to their favorites mixes from Calvin Harris. The first dance floor is nestled underneath the iconic chandelier and close to the DJ booth for those seeking the center of the action in the club. The Tier 2 dance floor provides a more private and elevated view of the action without drawing you from the center stage. Bottle services at the Main Room command the highest prices due to their proximal location.

The Heart of Omnia

The Heart of Omnia provides the ultimate VIP experience in the club offering an intimate and contemporary nightlife experience. The Heart is a separate club adjacent to the Main Room with tables surrounding the dance floor for a Hip Hop experience from featured performances and DJ sets by famed open-format artists like Questlove.


The epitome of outdoor clubbing experience in Las Vegas is at Omnia rooftop Terrace, available during warmer months and offering a sweeping vista of the strip where you dance under the stars. This space features a main bar, DJ booth, tiered cabanas, and plush sofas. The LED strips embedded on the floors and walls with etched glass floors provide you with a romanticized escape into the night.