The Ultimate Las Vegas Itinerary

As the sun goes down behind the Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, alias Sin City comes to life. Tourists from all over the world in search of thrill and a night to tick off their bucket list pull up to the large casinos, strip clubs, restaurants, and night clubs on the strip. Vegas is the only place where you can party the whole day and double up into the night as the party scene is just so lively, you won’t notice time ebbing away. So if this is your first time making your way there, here is the ultimate Las Vegas itinerary so you can make the most out of your first trip on the strip.

Dine at Vegas’s Top Restaurants

Just like the party scene, the dining scene in Las Vegas is also booming and will spoil you for choice with the array of luxurious dining spots it holds. If you like dining in style and grandeur, then your first stop should be the Venetian Resort Las Vegas. Situated in the heart of Vegas, the Venetian Resort is a famed Italian themed resort, that’s home to over 160 luxurious dining spots, shops, and a long string of entertainment joints.  If you have no idea where to start, consider dining at the Mott 32. The restaurant is one of the most popular dining spots at the Venetian Resort and offers you a laid back space to take your taste buds for a ride before the start of a crazy night.

If you’ve always wanted to lay your hands on Gordon Ramsey’s cooking, then Hell’s Kitchen at Cesar’s palace is the place to be. The restaurant offers a list of Ramsey’s signature dishes to spoil yourself with, and are served so colorfully; you’ll mistake it for Ramsey’s show.

If you prefer to make your entire trip to Las Vegas playful and full of life, consider dining at the Green St. Kitchen restaurant. It seamlessly puts you and your buddies on a party mood with the variety of arcade games at the entrance, colorful graffiti, and a no-rules menu that allows you to try out whatever dish you’ve been craving.

Hit the Strip in Style

Once you’re done feasting on the array of top culinary dishes from around the world and relaxed, it’s time to let the games begin by hitting the club. You can start by hitting the strip or the night clubs we’ll list below. Whichever you decide to begin with, there’s no doubt that by now, you already know that strip and night clubs are the heart of Las Vegas, and the secret ingredient to having as much fun as you possibly can in a night is club hopping. And with so much ground to cover, take advantage of our free ultra-comfy limo services so you can make a grand entrance at every strip club you hit.

Make a Stop at Las Vegas’ Most Famed Party Scenes

If your night out can never be complete without sounds from the likes of Future, Tyga, The Weeknd, and the likes, then you should definitely make a stop at Drais Nightclub. It is one of Las Vegas’ most famed hip hop spots, and it regularly lines up the mentioned artists, so if you’re lucky, you might find them performing.

If you’re more into the Cardi B, G-Eazy kind of vibe, then the place to be is the Kaos Dome the Palms. This space not only lines up some of the world’s most famous artists but is also Vegas’ largest and also the most famous fully enclosed day and night club. It’s particularly famed for the 65-foot tall bronze naked headless statue, which is a sight to behold, and a gem to your Instagram feed. There is just so much we could say about the Kaos Dome, but let’s leave the rest for your imagination because epic is simply an understatement. Be sure to check out our nightclubs page so you can book your spot on the guest list and for more info on the dress code.