With top-notch competition when it comes to the best strip clubs in Las Vegas, Sapphire tops the list. The club is located on 3025 Sammy Davis Jr. Drive, Las Vegas is considered the biggest in town has the best of Las Vegas dancers, servers to satisfy every guest’s taste. Sapphire opened its doors in 2002 as the world’s largest strip club boasting over 71,000 square feet of upscale adult entertainment. The club has a feel of a modern VIP lounge with a mix of modern furnishings, state of the art technology, and professional service delivery. Since its inception, Sapphire Las Vegas has been the trendsetter in the strip club scene continuously driving the industry with unique events, first-class services, and topless pool.

Free Limo Pick-up

One of the most incredible things about Las Vegas Promoter is that we can get you into Sapphire Las Vegas with free limo pick-ups from your hotel or near the strip. Schedule your pick-up time and date by clicking here. With the free ride, you get a waiver on the standard cover fee of $50 at the entrance.

Dress Code

Unlike other clubs in Las Vegas with strict dress codes, Sapphire is a bit liberal and allows you to dress casually as long as you do not show up in jerseys, sweatpants, sandals, and tank tops. We always recommend not trying to push your luck, and dress to impress.

Best Table Locations in Sapphire Las Vegas

Table location at Sapphire determines how you will enjoy your night at the club. The club offers different table locations that allow you to book bottle services at the Skybox, VIP Room, Karaoke Room, and the Rock Star Table.


Sapphire has 10 VIP skyboxes on the second floor ranging from cozy to luxurious party rooms that accommodate 10 guests. The skyboxes which overlook the main floor of the club are spacious hence allowing you to enjoy the best that Sapphire can offer.

Karaoke Room

The Karaoke Room at Sapphire is the best-kept secret of Las Vegas. The private room is located within the VIP room and accommodates a maximum of 24 guests. It comprises a full wet bat, 90 inch TV, private restroom, audio control, and exotic furnishing. The room is renowned for its Fantasy Football and topless hostesses. Experience adult entertainment as intimately as the girls sing along to your favorite lyrics.


Sapphire’s Showroom is a separate room that accommodates over 400 guests. It features one main stage and bar hence famous with the party animals. The showroom has been home to the long-running Men of Sapphire male revue show as well as weekend bachelorette parties. Notwithstanding, special events including UFC parties, Sapphire Super Sunday, comedy shows, celebrity events, and adult entertainment has made the Showroom one of the most versatile rooms in Las Vegas.

Rock Star Table

Located at the center of the main room, the Rock Star Table is a premium VIP seating area offering a real party experience. If you look up from the Rock Star Table, you will be watching dancers on Sapphire’s main stage fitted with glass floor.