Las Vegas has established itself as the party capital of the United States. The Vegas strip, in particular, attracts thousands of party-goers every day. Attractions such as casinos and high-end nightclubs make Las Vegas one of the best places to hold a bachelor party. Here’s how you can have an unforgettable bachelor party in the city.

Keep Your Group Small

For the ultimate bachelor party, consider keeping your group size small. Parties of eight to ten people are recommended. With such a group, you won’t have to worry about constantly splitting up when moving from club to club. Similarly, you can all fit at dinner tables without leaving out anyone. Group activities with fewer members tend to be well organized since cliques are not likely to form. You will have more fun and less drama with a smaller group.

Know Who is on the Guest List

Before you even venture out to Vegas, you should have an honest conversation with the bachelor so that it’s determined beforehand who will be on the invite list. This way, you will vet everyone so that you weed out individuals who are likely to cause trouble once you hit the strip. Often, bachelor parties turn chaotic when troublesome individuals get invitations.

The same applies to those who plan the trip. It’s advisable to have few people in the planning team. Ensure that important dates and activities are planned early. Involve everyone who will be in attendance, so that there is a consensus about the events that you will engage in.

Engage in What Vegas is Known For

Typically, people go to Las Vegas for the casinos and nightlife on the strip. A trip to the city should be considered incomplete without hitting the Vegas strip. As you plan your itinerary, dinner, a nightclub (or a pool party at daytime), and a visit to a strip club should on top of your bucket list. Since you will be visiting Vegas for a bachelor’s party, spare no expenses. After all, the groom-to-be needs to have the time of his life one last time.

Use a Nightlife Planning Guide

To host a successful bachelor’s party in Vegas, consider using a nightlife planning guide. Often, these guides come with free reservation access that enables you to visit some of the city’s hotspots. You also get tips about the hottest parties on the strip on any given day as well as other enjoyable activities that you can engage in to make your bachelor’s party a memorable one.

Be Flexible

When planning your party, avoid being flexible. If you become overly aggressive when planning activities that you will take part in, you’re likely to end up disappointed. This particularly applies to the morning after your group was out drinking. Likewise, you should try making most of your activities ‘optional.’ Not every member of the group has to be in attendance. It will be up to them to attend or engage in other activities.

Keep Everyone Connected

When planning the party and all activities involved, try to keep every invitee connected and on the same page. Group texts come in handy since you can connect with everyone at the same time. If you are planning discreet activities (which isn’t a surprise with bachelor’s parties), lay down privacy guidelines.

Discuss the Dress Codes

Some bachelor parties require everyone to wear matching outfits. This idea is often detested, but it could end up being fun. To have everyone on the same page as far as dress code is concerned, seek the opinion of every member. This way, you will avoid looking obnoxious to those around you when you.

Make Prior Reservations

To avoid being locked out of nightclubs, pool parties, casinos, and other Vegas hotspots, always make early reservations. In this regard, you should find out how much table service will cost your group. Similarly, don’t forget about cover charges, the cost of buying drinks over the counter, and any other expenses that might come up.

Stock up Hangover Supplies

Your Las Vegas experience is likely to be memorable if you also plan for the morning after the party. Factor in hangover supplies, snacks, and drinks as you plan the party. This will help you reduce your room service bill.