Where to Be this Halloween in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, in general, is a thrill-filled and exciting city, but on Halloween, it’s even more exhilarating. Therefore, while Halloween in your city is fun, in Las Vegas, it’s an experience like no other. Bright lights, themed clubs and restaurants, and hundreds of people in spooky and sexy costumes are just a few things that characterize Vegas on Halloween. So if you’re wondering what to do with yourself on Halloween, then you should probably consider going down to the dessert city. Here is a short list of places to be in Sin City this Halloween.

two girls posing for Halloween pictures

Start Your Spooky Night at the Linq Promenade

It’s always a pleasure to view Las Vegas from 550 feet above, and this Halloween, the High Roller at Linq Promenade, allows you to do so in all your spookiness. Even though this entire week is Halloween week at The Linq Promenade, 31st October will be the ultimate fright day. Hence the high roller wheel will light up in all your favorite Halloween colors, and the cabins will have all sorts of scary decorations. Enjoy watching Vegas from the sky while downing Witches Brew Cocktails and Zombie Snot shots.

Brace Yourself for a Scare of a Lifetime at Freakling Bros

If your kind of Halloween night cannot be complete without a spine-tingling scare, then you should make a stop at the Freakling Bros horror shows. Rated one of the scariest shows in the USA, Freakling Bros offers three haunted attractions, namely, the Castle Vampyre, Coven of 13, and the Gates of Hell. Make sure you make a stop at the Castle Vampyre as this is the last time it’ll be open for Halloween, and if you think you can handle and R-rated bloodcurdling experience, go through the Gates of Hell.

Get Abducted in Omnia

Once you’re done with the intense scares at Freakling Bros, make your Halloween playful by stopping at Omnia Nightclub at Caesars Palace. The club will be hosting a Halloween and area 51 themed abducted in Omnia party. Omnia’s famous 22000-pound chandelier will display as a spaceship, and with Fergie DJ on the decks, you can be sure things will be on another level.

Halloween Away with Cardi B at Kaos

Cardi B is set to perform at Kaos Dome this Halloween, and the place is set to be jam-packed.  Get your spot on our guest list today, so you don’t miss out.

Dressing Up for Halloween in Vegas

No party is like a Las Vegas party, and Halloween is no exception. Therefore the best you can do is dress the part. In respect to that, you’re allowed to wear a mask and play around with face paints as long as your face remains recognizable. In other words, going into the extremes with your face paint or wearing a mask that reminds anyone you meet of Nightmare on Elm Street is not allowed. So have fun with your costume, but ensure the bouncers can match your face with your ID.

If you are a no-costume kind of person, then the regular dress code rules still apply. Hence ensure you don’t come with work boots, loose or baggy jeans, and the likes. For ladies, you’re allowed to show some skin, but again just because its Halloween doesn’t mean you run around in your birthday suit. So you can wear your sexy nurse costume, but make sure you meet the minimum clothing standards.

Three girls posing for Halloween pictures